Jack Armstrong Celebrated Minstrel

By Jack Armstrong

  1. Rothbury Hills
    Whittingham Green Lane
    Border Fray
  2. Proudlock’s
  3. Barbara Allen
  4. Buy Broom Bussoms
    Bobby Shaftoe
    Swanee River Variations
    Northumberland Rejoices
  5. Rothbury Hills
  6. Kielder Burnie
  7. Gentle Maiden
  8. Noble Squire Dacre
    Bonny At Morn
    Billy Boy
    Derwentwaters Farewell
  9. Whittingham Green Lane
  10. The Keel Row Variations
    The Keel Row
    Drops Of Brandy
    The Keel Row
    Durham Rangers
    Gallowgate Lass
  11. The Cornriggs
  12. Keep Your Feet Still Geordie Hinney
    Adam Buckham O’
  13. Lass Of Falstone
    The Cott
    Peggy’s Foot
  14. The Morpeth Rant
    The Cornriggs
  15. Lamb Skinnet
    Linshield Brig
    Howlet And The Weasel
    Brown Rigg
  16. Call O’ The Pipes
    Wards Bray
    Lovet Scout
    I’ll Gan Nae Mair To Yon Toon
  17. The Wild Hills O’ Wannie
    The Fair Flower Of Northumberland

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“Jack Armstrong Celebrated Minstrel”

Saydisc Traditional Series, Volume 1: Northumbria – SDL 252, 1974
Mono recordings made from 1944 - 1954

Jack Armstrong - on FARNE

FARNE - Folk Archive Resource North East
59 results doing a search for Jack Armstrong, but there do seem to be problems with the site, at least tonight…

“Jack Armstrong and his Northumbrian Barnstormers”

Tracks 10, 12, 14, 15, 16

Jack founded ’The Barnstormers in about 1949:

Jack Armstrong - fiddle
Leslie Beatty - fiddle
Roy Hartnell - piano accordion
Jenny Armstrong - drums (Jack’s wife)
Phil Sutherland - double bass
Alice Ellis - piano

Notes from FARNE: Jack Armstrong formed The Barnstormers in the mid 1940s and they went on to become one of the most popular bands of the 1950s and 1960s. Jack’s wife Jenny played the drums, later followed by Bill Armstrong (no relation). Jack played first fiddle and Les Beattie second. Phil Southerland played double bass, while for the first few years Alice Ellis played piano. Later Alice’s place was taken by Wally Fell. Roy Hartnell, piano accordionist joined in 1950 and, with Jack, wrote and arranged, much of the music. The Barnstormers became one of the most popular bands of their day. From city hall to country barn, they entertained throughout the Borders and Northern England six nights a week and several times performed in London at the Royal Albert and Seymour Halls. The band recorded at Abbey Road studios and made countless radio broadcasts throughout the 50s and 60s, appearing regularly on the BBC’s long running TV series ‘Barn Dance’ which was also shown on TV in the USA. Towards the end of the 50’s, ill health prevented Jack from appearing more than briefly with the band, which continued until 1968, led by Roy Hartnell.

Track 11 - “The Northumbrian Minstrels”
Billy Atkinson - melodeon
Jack Thompson - fiddle
Bob Clark - drums
& while not a regular member of this band, Jack Armstrong, as here, often joined in with them.