Faster Than A Walk

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By The Moving Violations

  1. Oak Leaf
  2. Mazas Comes To Montague
    Vivaldi In Paradise
    Nova Scotia Cocek
  3. Hjemlengsel
  4. Balkanesque
    Barbuncul Din Nasaud
  5. Wild One
    Indian Point
    Glass Island
  6. Kiss Me Joe
    Music For A Found Harmonium
    Sunny Monday
  7. Slipstenen
  8. Trip To Durrow
    Plank House
    The Curvy Road To Cornith
  9. The Jewel Tune
    Briul De La Fagaras
  10. La Llorona
  11. All My Friends
    Jackie Coleman’s
    Sleepy Maggie
  12. Des Oignons
    Reel Des Jeunes Maries
    Reel De Montreal
  13. Schottis Fran Stensele
  14. Cul Aodh
    The Cliffs Of Moher
    The Red Crow
  15. Speed The Plough
    Allie Crocker
    Sumadisjko Kolo
  16. Fransk Vals