Whistle Man

By Olaf Sickmann

  1. Nick And Leila
    The Wedding Whistle
  2. Go!
    The Autumn
    The Old Water Mill
  3. Tune For Kevin
  4. Bowed Glass (Flute Version)
  5. Dancing Girls
    The German Hornpipe No.1
  6. My Girls
    Paul The Cat
    Yes Or No
  7. Olaf’s No. 2
    A Polka On A Thursday Morning
  8. Cave Music
  9. Whistle Walz No.3
    The Barber
  10. Whistle Reel No.1
    Whistle Reel No.2
  11. White House
    Letter From Scotland
  12. To Be At Home
  13. Whistle Man
  14. Early
    A Morning Tune
  15. Bowed Glass (Whistle Version)

Three comments

Inspiring whistle music from Olaf Sickmann

Review By: http://tradconnect.com/profiles/blogs/olaf-sickmann-on-new-album-whistle-man-review-rolf-wagels

It’s his eight solo album which is somewhat surprising given that his name is not one that shows up too frequently in our news streams.
He has in his corner the outstanding talents of Rolf Wagels, of German group Cara on bodhrán bringing some marvelously crisp and clear accompaniment to 15 self-penned tracks. Claus Steinort also features on flute.
There is a rich quality to Olaf’s music with new compositions that really deserve a little bit more attention and airplay. His playing also has a sharp clarity of presentation it must be said. We have been inundated with quality music of late and picking up some of these relatively new artists ( to us anyway ) for a first listen is very enriching.
For whistle players in particular this deserves a listen. Unlike some of the generally faster Irish traditional whistle albums that have predominantly jigs and reels, Olaf introduces some new slow pieces that are in truth difficult to categorise, but clearly show another side to whistle playing in an album context.
Cave Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iL89_xD7WM and To Be at Home could easily fit within a more mystical stage show and Blowed Glass, the final track is stripped bare in all its beautiful simplicity.

These slower paced numbers allow the clarity and precision of his whistle to become evident and in the process some hauntingly simple yet beautiful melodies develop.
The audio below is called A Morning Tune and includes a pair of more traditional reels with influences from his classical background. He makes special reference to Rolf’s "rather groovy playing" on this.

It’s quite a different album from the usual fare and is all the more enjoyable for it.
Visit : http://www.timezone-records.com/kuenstler/details/olaf-sickmann/