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Redwood by Lunasa!

I’m quite critical of this band, but I think this album is much better than the third one: it contains many modern compositions like the ones by the members including Sean Smyth and “Two-Fifty To Vigo” by the fiddler with Shooglenifty, but the entire recording is less “studioish” than the last one. Some tracks even remind me of the playing of the Both Band, though I still don’t like the low whistle and flute harmonies.

I personally love the track 10, mentioned above. What does everyone else think?

Redwood by Lunasa?

Slainte, I’d love to be able to comment on this album, but I’d have to hear it first! Has it been released anywhere? Where’d you find a copy of it?

Sorry, everything is so quick in this country, Japan. There seems a special relation between the country and the band, so it’s released from the Japanese label. The market of ITM is so huge in this country. But purely traditional recordings are quite rare. Oh, and why is the Scottish music ignored?

What is this Cd? Green linnet doesn’t know anything of it. Last summer (in june) Lunasa played here in Spain and they said they had already finished it. Why do you have it and me not?

Just saw the lads in concert and they said it’d be awhile before the states got the cd, but if I went to Japan I could get it now!!!….every country gets the cd eventually 🙂

Glad to know it’s coming

I saw parts of two Lunasa shows during our Irish festival and I must have missed the announcement. Thank’s for the heads up Slainte.

Was worth the wait !!!

I truly love this band, and they show-out on this recording also. Redwood is filled with pipes/ fiddle/ flute and with the driving beats of guitar and bass, makes for an interesting sound. Since I saw them in Little Rock, they’re all I listen too. I am learning the tunes on my MT Dulcimer as fast as I can. If you haven’t heard this CD ,, get it soon


I just have this CD, because it arrive in France in 2 weeks ?
Why so late ? Perhaps, for the translation ;)
I like very much this band, but i was sad to hear this rid

you’re right, the ridee is much nicer in the version of Gwerz.
Can you provide the abc?


Dear Urs, it’s too difficult for me to provide in Abc.

The tune is good, but it’s not the style. It’s impossible to translate really the breton’s style in sheetmusic. There is strongs times and other weak(faint) times.
You must dance the breton dance to play it good…

mandolman -that is exactly the same way with irish music. Anyone can play the music but alot of people lack the lilt! Ridee is a great tune tho

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Quite surprised to hear that- I thought that was one of the standout tracks


Being mainly a Highland Bagpipe player, but a recent low whistler player as well, I found the whistle and flute harmonies beautiful on this cd. Slainte, why no love?


Two Fifty to Vigo

Looking for ABC, or GIF of this tune - I really like it. Does anyone have it?

2:50 to Vigo

Yeah, I just stuck it in the tunes section, great tune ……

Breton music

does anybody know where we can download breton music in gif, abc, etc ???

I agree Hiharin83 i I never really liked it until i heard the lads play it, and it sounds like that on stage - not just in the studio - these lads are stunning. I love the harmonies..

I think this and “Otherworld” are my favorites by them.

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Stack of Rye???

If I’m not mistaken I think the reel in track 6 identified as “Stack of Rye” is more or less the same reel that shows up as the last reel in the last set on the Fisherstreet recording, given there as “Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part”.

This is certainly not Junior Crehan’s hornpipe of the same name. Anybody have anymore info as to where their version of this tune comes from?

Redwood rules !!!

This is my favourite Lunasa album ! It’s all there ! Energy, Mellow. Cool Whistle tracks… I love it !

West Kerry

West Kerry on this is aka ‘Paddy’s’ NOT downey’s

Incorrect links to tunes

“Foxhunter’s” and “John Brosnan’s” link to the wrong tunes. If you get a chance you might want to fix that; though it is pretty easy for anyone to find the right tunes!