By Jeremy Spencer And Sean Leahy

  1. Darley’s
    Bogán Nua
  2. Untitled Bridal March
    The Peeler And The Goat
    The Corner House
  3. The High Walls Of Derry
  4. Dálaigh’s
    Dan O’Connell’s
    The Hermit From Killarney
  5. The Loom
    Nell Sullivan’s
    Pólca Meabh
  6. Skin The Peeler
    Bh-Fuilleann Tú Ad Chodladh Aro’ Mháire
  7. The Wild Irishman
    The Small Hills Of Offaly
  8. Táimse Ar An Mbaile Seo
  9. Denis Murphy’s No. 2
    Davy Collin’s
    The Knocknagree
  10. Bantry Bay
  11. The Basket Of Turf
    Old Man Dillon
    The Geese On The Bog