End of the Harvest (Deireadh An Fhomhair)

By Declan Masterson

  1. Jimmy O’Reilly’s
    The Pretty Girls Of Mayo
    Hand Me Down The Tackle
  2. Paddy O’Brien’s
    Tumble The Tinker
  3. Bean Dubh A Ghleanna
    Culu Napoleon
  4. The Collier’s
    Miss Mary O’Neill’s Fancy
    The Green Garters
  5. An Buachaill Dreoite
  6. End Of The Harvest
    Burn The Stubble
  7. The Leg Of The Duck
    An Ghaoth Aniar Aneas
    The Girl Of The Big House
  8. The Wounded Huzzar
  9. Out On The Road
    Sean Maguire’s
    Maids In The Meadow
  10. The Elk’s Festival
    Paddy O’Brien’s
  11. Larry Redican’s
    The Foxhunter’s
  12. By The Water’s Edge
    The Immigrants March
    The Tourist

Six comments

The title of this album displays wrong in Firefox…

Something about the characters in this album title mess up when displayed in lists of tune versions. The name should be bastardized to fix this.

Question about The Leg Of The Duck/ An Ghaoth Aniar Aneas /The Girl Of The Big House

The second tune in this set is apparently The Southwind. But this should be a slow waltz and is not the tune on the recording. Can someone explain this?

Easy answer

2 completely different tunes - same title. It happens.

Maybe not quite so easy …

Many different tunes have the same title, but in this case “An Ghaoth Aneas” would be “the south wind”, “An Ghaoth Aniar Aneas” would be “the south-west wind”. So, you’re dealing with 2 different tunes and 2 different titles. And not to be confused with “An Ghaoth Aniar”, the west wind, the name of a great reel.

“West Wind” -- Kenny has already posted it. Good tune! Good man!

Thanks for explaining that. Does anyone know who wrote the “the south-west wind” or where to find an abc?