By Blazin’ Fiddles

  1. Carnival
    Lucky, Can You Link Ony
    Arisdale Burn
  2. Billy’s Short Leg
    Ian MacLeod’s
    Mind The Dresser
  3. John MacFadyen Of Melfort
    The Honorable Mrs Rous
  4. Glengrant
    Anna Thug Mi Gradh Dhuit
  5. Mickey Finn’s
  6. Balchraggan
    The Wan-Legged Yow
  7. Nach Truagh Mo Chàs
  8. Mahagow’s
    Malt On The Optics
    Henri The Lobster
  9. Doon The Aisle
    The Oyster Wives’ Rant
    Mrs Grant Of Cullen House
    Cranford’s Delight
  10. Da Fetlar Lullaby

Five comments

Solo — Blazin’ Fiddles

"The band was formed to showcase the distinctive regional fiddle styles of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, and our gigs feature solos, as well as ensemble numbers. Where previous albums have included some solos and smaller groupings, there has never been an album of solely individual fiddle performances.

Solo features 2 sets from each fiddler- Bruce, Jenna, Kristan and Rua – as well as fiddle and guitar solos from Anna. Backers extraordinaire Angus and Anna take turns in accompanying the fiddlers, as on the band’s live performances. It also marks the recording debuts of Kristan and Rua with the band."

Available to buy online at and at gigs.

Track 1. Jenna
Track 2. Kristan
Track 3. Bruce
Track 4. Rua
Track 5. Anna
Track 6. Kristan
Track 7. Bruce
Track 8. Rua
Track 9. Anna
Track 10. Jenna

I’ll update the track listing when my physical copy actually arrives…

Arrived finally