Birlin’ Fiddles

By Jennifer Wrigley, Alan Henderson, Julia Legge and Sandy Wright

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  1. The Fashion O’ The Lassies
    St. Kilda Wedding
  2. MacDonald’s
    Miss Hutcheon O’ The Manse
    Dougal’s Sustain
  3. The Rose Among The Heather
    Colum Beag
    Illean Bithibh
  4. The Horse Of Copinsay
  5. The Sound Of Sleat
    John Keith Lang
  6. The Bonawe Highlanders
    An Drochaid
    The Twisted Bridge
  7. The Short Grass
    Andy De Jarlis
    Isobel Blackley
  8. My Cape Breton Home
  9. Barbara’s Wedding
  10. Rohan
    Inspector Donald Campbell Of Ness
    Ruidhle Cailleach
  11. John Pottinger’s Compliments To Ronald Cooper
    Roddy MacDonald’s Fancy
  12. Fali O Ro
  13. Fiddler’s Cramp
    The Smith’s A Gallant Fireman
  14. The Hills Of Glen Orchy
    Cailleach An Duardain

Two comments

Birlin’ Fiddles

This is a brilliant recording of the Scottish fiddle music. Jennifer Wrigley, Allan Henderson, and Julia Legge are young fiddlers from different parts of the country, who had never played together before. It was the producer Simon Thoumire’s idea to give them a chance to record a album after a short time for rehearsal. Needless to say, their playing is really fresh and spontaneous.

This recording is full of popular fiddle tunes in Scotland, though it includes some fiddlers’ own compositions. It’s a great album to sample the Scottish fiddle music.

Re: Birlin’ Fiddles

Footstompin’ Records, 2000.

Sandy Wright provided guitar accompaniment.

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