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San Antonio Texas, 1987

I found this cassette (yes, “cassette”) for sale at the Irish Cultural & Heritage Center in Milwaukee. These guys were a blast whenever they were in town. A bunch of us musicians in Milwaukee seemed to keep running into them as we travelled around. I believe this would have been their first album. The lineup: Molly Bennett, Sandy Brown, Sean Egan, Jim Fox, Tom McMasters, Tom McRae and Cliff Moses. Cliff is an amazing hammered dulcimer player. I remember being wowed by his playing at many a session. Particularly memorable: a session at McGurk’s in Saint Louis, probably around 1992. Great memories, AND nothing to be ashamed of on this ’80’s classic! I’m pretty sure they were backed by bodhran great, Mark Stone for a while, too. If you see this thing at a rummage sale or second hand store, grab it, pour yourself some Tequila, and “travel” back to 1987 with a hot act from San Antonio. Salud!

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This is the band that gave me my first taste of the music. All hail the mighty Jim Fox!

Cover Art?

OK, what’s the story with that skull & cross bones thang? That’s not the album cover. I think that’s for an entirely different band with the same name.

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Yeah, but no doubt Jim would approve of it. 🙂

Skulls on Album Covers?

Ha! I wouldn’t have even given the album a chance with that cover -- can’t we come up with something different for album covers -- a skull? Why not a tibia or a patella for a change?

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