The White Swan

By Ross Kennedy and Archie McAllister

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  1. Joey Beaton’s
    The Periwig
    Peter Davidson’s
    The Doune Of Invernochty
    Sean Maguire’s
  2. The Dowie Dens O’Yarrow
  3. The Heather Ale
    Tipsy Sailor
    The White Swan
    The Road To Kintyre
  4. The Hills Of Lorne
  5. The Lang Awa Ship
  6. Dave MacDonald’s Wedding
    Iggy Squiggie
    Mutt’s Favourite
    Harry Bradshaw’s
  7. Lachlan Dubh
  8. The Dark Island
  9. Glencoe Hall
    Roll Out The Snake
    Harvey’s Fancy
    The Barber Shop
  10. For My Mother Dear
  11. Bay Of Storms
  12. Farquhar Mathieson
    Kerry McAllister’s
  13. Gun Bhris Mo Chridh‘ O’n Dh’ Fhalbh Thu
  14. Kilbowie Hill
  15. The Java
    The Arran Ceilidh
    Birlin In Brittany