Na Rósaí

By Na Rósaí

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Additional Information about this Recording

Na Rósaí is:

Conor O Bryan [Flute]
Preston Howard [Pipes, Whistles]
Erik Killops [Fiddle]
Richie Rosencrans [Bouzouki, Tenor Guitar, Vocals]

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Since we first began playing together as a group, our goal has been to share our favorite tunes and songs with each other and music lovers everywhere. This album surveys tunes that we have picked up over the years from the Irish and Old Time music scenes in Portland as well as our individual travels to Ireland, the UK, and Europe. While the contents of this recording are primarily melodies from Ireland, our interest in the folk music traditions of Ireland’s neighboring communities and of North America are also represented.


Disclaimer -- I am friends with these fine lads. But my lack of pure objectivity notwithstanding…

I just want to say that they are tremendous musicians. The material on this album consistently shines in terms of selection, arrangement, performance, and production. There is a lot of subtle detail that emerges over repeated listenings.

If you like energetic yet tasteful traditional Irish music (with some fun external influences mixed in), give this album a listen. I think you will enjoy it immensely.

Re: Na Rósaí

Second recommendation for this album. I’m usually not too fond of mixed genres but they seamlessly blend the old time and Irish. Also their versions of the tunes are great to learn by ear to. Crisp ornamentations!

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