Forty Years Of Irish Piping

By Seamus Ennis

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Re: Forty Years Of Pipering

Even If your are not a pipe player you need to listen to these recordings which start from 1947 (approx). Check out the evolution of this incredible piper. For example, there are two versions of the Bucks of Oranmore. The first version was recorded when Seamus was in his twenties. The second version was recorded in (I believe) the late fifties. Whewee simply mind boggling. Although the Bucks of Oranmore can be played on fiddle, whistle, flute, etc. in my mind the tune was created for the pipes. Seamus Ennis plays this BIG TUNE beyond normal human capacities!!

The notes producer Pat Sky wrote for the original LP aren’t exactly models of accuracy. The first take of the Bucks was recorded in 1948, the second in about 1952. Thus they don’t model Seamus’s development in quite the way Sky intended. Also, the first take was sped up so much Ennis’s C# pipes come out in E…thus the rushed sounding playing.
Get the RTE CD Return From Fingal for some more of Seamus’s superb playing.

Seamus Ennis: tune preceded by the Fox Chase?

On Seamus Ennis’ album “Forty Years of Irish Piping” he plays a jig before the Fox Chase. Yep I said that in the topic. Oh well. Doesn’t hurt to repeat =P

… Anyway, so yes, anyone know the name of it? … Or is it just something that he meant to be a part of the Fox Chase?

Cheers and having the best Uilleann kick EVER,

Mixed up names

On track 1, the first two tunes are swapped. In otherwords The Rainy Day is played first and The Merry Blacksmith is second, followed by The Silver Spear.