Humours of Tula

By Lacuna

  1. The Tough Maids Of Bryansk
    Shake A Leg
  2. The Frost Is All Over
  3. Silver Spear
    Humours Of Tulla
    Shake A Leg
  4. North Star
    Michael Russell’s
    Club Ceili
  5. Garech’s Wedding
    Cavan Potholes
  6. Ronan’s March
    Vikki’s Favorite
  7. Road To Recovery
    Trip To Herves
    Fisherman’s Lilt
  8. The Blacksmith
  9. Trip To Skype

Two comments

From Saint-Petersburg, Russia: the band constists of professional musicians including: - Boris Roubekin (Aquarium band) studies Irish whistle from world’s famous flutist Brian Finnegan. - Dmitry Olegovich (piano accordeon) is also a leader of the Orquestra Primavera tango band - Andrew Bajramov (bodhran) is the winner of the World Bodhran Championships’2010 Milltown, Co.Kerry, Ireland - Evgeny Vikki plays octave mandolin and DADGAD guitar.

Guest Musicians:
Brian Finnegan (Flute 03, 05)
Alexandra Kurkova (singing 02, 08)
Asya Sergeeva (Harp 08)
Darja Saunina (Harp 02)