Fits o’ Giggles

By Ally MacKenzie and Colin Melville

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  1. The Black Isle
    Bronni’s Blue Brozzi
    Gordon’s Bony Fingers
    Ian & Betty’s
  2. Tommy MacDonald Of Barguillean
    Margaret Ellyn’s Wedding March
  3. I Hae Laid A Herring In Salt
    The Noon Lasses
    Auld Wife Ayont The Fire
  4. Fits O’ Giggles
    Summer Of ‘99
  5. Marion MacLean Of Eoligarry
  6. The Shepherd’s Crook
    The Night We Had The Goats
    Fairy Dance
  7. Monster Jigs
  8. Going Home
  9. Maestro And The Minions
    The Flying Haggis
    The Brown Haired Maid
    The Muckle Dram
  10. Theid Mi Dhachaigh
    Seudan A’chuain
  11. Lucy Cassidy
    The Ginger Princess
    Arthur Gillies
  12. Gondola Wedding
    Snug In The Blanket
    Trip To Kilkenny

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Fits ‘o Giggles (2004)

Ally Mackenzie ~ accordion
Colin Melville ~ border pipes, smallpipes, whistles
Andy Thorburn ~ keyboards
Marc Clement ~ acoustic guitar
Hugh (Shuggie) MacCallum ~ drums, bodhran
Paul Nigel (Livvy) Livingstone ~ bass guitar
Gary Robertson ~ Fiddle
Iain (Stretch) MacFadyen ~ Mandolin
Sandra MacBeath ~ vocals, acoustic guitar
Phil Smillie ~ flute

The album incorporates a diverse compendium of both traditional and contemporary tunes. Some notable examples include tunes composed by Ally, Colin and some of their friends, which have never before been recorded. One highlight of the album is an original vocal track written and performed by Sandra MacBeath who along with Ally and Colin form the band Spagnum Moss.

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