By Emma Sweeney

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  1. The Flooded Road To Glenties
    The Singing Kettle
    Marian’s Favourite
  2. The Flowers Of Antrim
    Anthony Frawley’s
    The Star Of Munster
  3. The Golden Fiddle
  4. Treasures Money Can’t Buy
    The Flying Statue
  5. Mucky Fingers
    The Mountain Top
    Clancy’s Fancy
  6. Endless Thoughts
    The Last Straw
  7. A Place To Be
  8. Something In A Sunday
    Elizabeth Cullen’s
    The Rose In The Heather
  9. The Wheels Of The World
    Sullivan’s Key
  10. Kit O’Mahony’s
    A Tailor I Am
    The Reed That Bends With The Storm
  11. Elk River Blues
  12. Pangea
    The Artist