The Tiermaclane Fancy

By John Joe Casey

  1. The High Stool
    The Speeding Bishop
  2. Con Cassidy’s
  3. The Tiermaclane Fancy
    The Fergus
  4. The Blackbird
  5. The Hag’s Purse
  6. Joe Bane’s
    Paddy Keane’s Favourite
    Daniel Mac’s
  7. The Fergus
  8. O’Carolan’s Concerto
  9. Concertina
  10. Jim Droney’s
  11. Rakish Paddy

One comment

John Joe Casey

2006 release of concertina tunes recorded on cassette tape in John Joe Casey’s kitchen in Clarecastle in 1987 and given to fiddle player Pat Mullins. Casey (1912-2001) was better-known as a fiddle player.

Tracks 1, 3, and 7 are his own compositions. The reels on track 3 won All-Irelands for newly composed tunes in 1961 and 1960, respectively.

The first two reels on track 6 are also known as Gillespie’s (and Francis John McGovern’s), and Jimmy O’Reilly’s, but I haven’t found the third one. I think it may be a version of The Corner House.

Track 7 is The Fergus Jig, and Track 9 is the Concertina Hornpipe. Track 11 is Johnny Doherty’s version.