Mortal Daze

By Shenanigan

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The canadian group consists of 6 members, who play the guitar, flute, whistles, fiddle, bass, banjo, mandolin, accordion and many more instruments between them.

This is their debut CD and it contains a good mix of tunes ranging from jigs and reels to some lovely slow airs. There’s something for everyone on it.

The CD starts out on a lively note with the reels “Jackie Coleman’s / Farewell to Milltown Malbay / Fred Finn’s.” This is a wonderful selection for stepdancing to! I recommend it to all the dancers on the list.
They also have some vocal tracks on the CD, which are very soothing, including the Robbie Burns tune “Ae Fond Kiss.” The Irish, Scottish and French Canadian tunes all meld very nicely on this CD from one track to the next. No need to skip any tracks here, and with 17 tracks, it’s almost an hour and a half in length, which is refreshing to see these days!

“Mortal Daze” works well too for listening to in the background while working or relaxing to after a long day.

For a debut CD, “Mortal Daze” is a nice collection and well-put together, both the tune selection and the packaging.
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