In Session

By Eoin O’Neill

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Eoin O’Neill

I bought this CD from Eoin the day after he released it - talk about lucky timing! Features a number of great musicians from Clare and elsewhere. There’s been some confusion about the tunes in track 5 so I thought I might submit the whole recording. Here you go!

In Session

A lovely album with two especially great tracks. Track 5 just makes me smile every time - mandolin virtuosity without playing a million miles an hour. Track 9 is the only track you need to play for someone who doesn’t know why we play Irish music. If they don’t get it after hearing this, they never will.

"Martin Wynne’s" has been identified as one of the mystery tunes in the "Crosses of Annagh" set from Danu’s first album. Perhaps this is Martin Wynne’s #3 as it definitely isn’t 1 or 2. The tune listed in track 9 as "Fr. Kelly’s" is most certainly "Sheehan’s Reel", although it is very similar to "Fr. Kelly’s #2".

Track 8

The second tune in track 8 is a finely played version of "The New Copperplate".

I agree track 5 is great and i also love The Gatehouse maid. Brilliant stuff, does’nt the shouting and stuff in number 9 just give you appetite for going to more sessions.

Re: In Session

Second tune on Track 7 is The Scartaglen. Tom Billy’s is an alternate title.