Flight 714

By Flight 714

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  1. Klarinet Polska
  2. Tin Hat
  3. Polska Efter Sven Ahlbäck
  4. Snake MacMurray
    The Maids Of Mitchelston
  5. Tra-La-La
    Vals Från Dalsland
  6. The Musical Priest
    Cyril’s March
  7. Interplay
  8. Within A Km Of Dublin
    Ships Are Sailing
  9. Generator
  10. Touch Me If You Dare
    Dan Breen’s
    Crazy Legs
  11. Neptun
    Kortdans Efter Gustav Strunz
  12. Granubaschottisch

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Flight 714

Jim Good ~ flute
Tim Walsh ~ double bass
John Williams ~ acoustic guitar

Tunes from Sweden, England, Ireland, Belgium and Canada. Tastefully arranged.

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