From Dawn Till Dark

By Sheena

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SHEENA, a Celtic-fusion group. Now, what’s unique about SHEENA, aside from that they can play Irish music brilliantly, is that they are based in Japan. The traditional Celtic music scene has indeed gone global. Some of Japan’s major cities will have a pub or two, or at least a session somewhere to sit in on. SHEENA’s music brings in a flutist that adds an amazing upbeat swing on the quick timed tunes which are great for high energy dancing. The band puts in the same emotion and energy into the slow tunes, which really gives each piece a life of its own. - See more at:

Official Website (knowledge in Kanji recommended):

1 Opening
2 Unknown
By – Traditional
3 Boobaby’s Lullady
By – Jerry Holland
4 The Dionne Reel/ Mouth Of The Tobique
By – Traditional
5 Down By The Sally Gardens
By – Traditional
6 Apples In Winter/ O’Mahony’s/ Kesh Jig
By – Traditional
7 Faded Love
By – Bob Wills
8 The Blarney Pilgrim/ Connaught Man’s Ramble/ Willie Coleman’s Jig
By – Traditional
9 From Dawn Till Dark
By – Satoshi Yamamoto

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