By Cormac Breatnach

  1. The Minded
    The Old Favourite
    El Mar Picado
    Chugat An Puca
    The Butterfly
  2. The Universal Sun
  3. Male Caoineacdh
    The Somnambulist
    Beautiful Refuge
    Fahren Links
    Female Caoineacdh
    The Somnambulist
    Rand (Class Of) 1981
    Beautiful Refuge
  4. Land Of Open Welcome?
    The Minstrel Boy
  5. Steal A Kiss
    Storm Clouds Brewing
    Cnocan Na Teampall
    Alasdroim’s March
  6. Foxtrot De Algora
    Toribio Del Olmo
    Zapigarren Eguna
  7. Song From The Grave
    The Funerals
    A Tribute To The Lives Of Deasún & Lucy
    The Beginning

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Whistle player Cormac Breatnach has been immersed in the Irish musical tradition from early childhood while “Éalú - Foreign Links” features Irish, Basque, Castillian and 4 new compositions.
Another difference between this album and other recordings is that he does not play any high whistles: He plays low whistles in the keys of C, D, Eb, F and G. Also, unlike other previous recordings, there are no reels featured.

Cormac Breatnach - Whistles & Vocals
Gavin Ralston - Guitars, Piano
and featuring:
Aingus Ralston - Bass
Paul McAteer - Drums & Percussion
Robbie Harris - Percussion
Sean Whelan - Guitar
Roger Doyle - Keyboards & Piano
Fiachra Trench - Organ & Keyboards
Eamon Murray - Harmonica
Martin Dunlea - Guitar
Aoife Doyle - Scat Vocal, Vocal & B/Vocals
Niwell Tsumbu - Vocal Percussion
Uche Gabriel Akujobi - Vocals
Brian Dunning - Flute
Kokia - Vocals
Vanessa Williams - Vocal
Seamus Brett - Piano
JaimeMunoz - Flute & Kaval
La Musgana Group
Mike Considine - Bouzouki
Maire Breatnach - Violin & Viola
Steve Cooney - Guitars
Jorge Arribas - Accordion