By Dave Onastik

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  1. Mary Mack
  2. Loftus Jones
  3. Star Of The County Down
  4. She Said, She Said
  5. Chilly Winds
  6. Beat My Laddie Down
  7. Angeline Der Beker
  8. Julia Delaney
    Star Of Munster
    The Merry Blacksmith
  9. Carolan’s Ramble To Cashel
  10. There’ll Never Be Another You
  11. We Are The Misplaced Jewels In The Lint Filled Pockets Of Society
  12. Concerto For Two Violins In D Minor; 2nd Movement, Largo Ma Non Tanto
  13. I Say Vuvuzela
  14. Humours Of Ballyloughlin
    Banish Misfortune
    Rakish Paddy
    The Roscommon
    Dr. Gilbert’s
    Gravel Walk
    Pigeon On The Gate
    An Phis Fhliuch
    Cliffs Of Moher
  15. Yuletide Hit Parade
  16. Subterranean Homesick Blues
  17. Carpathian Tune
  18. The Fleshwounds Opus
  19. Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

Two comments

This guy is really crazy… don’t believe me? Just hear ”Julia Delaney Sing-a-Long” and ”I Say Vuvuzela” and you will understand what I am talking about.