A Tribute To Michael Coleman

By Joe Burke, Andy McGann And Felix Dolan

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A Tribute To Michael Coleman

This album was recorded in November 1965, in mono, in one take, no overdubs, no fancy electronics, no corrections. 500 copies were released and immediately sold out.

It’s a demonstration of what 3 great musicians who are used to playing together can do. It’s a fascinating time machine into IrTrad as it used to be. Above all, it’s great music.

There’s no real connection, by the way, with Michael Coleman. It’s just a tribute from 3 friends.


One of the things that strike me in this recording is the tempo of the pieces is a lot more comfortable than what we hear these days. It could be a lack of desire to show off or the fact that these guys used to play for dances.

Anyway, i love the Apples in Winter track.

Classic recording

This is a classic recording that any lover of ITM should have and study. The tempo seems very relaxed and laid-back. If you play along, however, you will find that it’s not exactly slow either. The music motors along nicely but you don’t feel there’s any rush to get to the end of the tune. I could listen to this kind of stuff all day!
BTW, there is something of a connection with Coleman in that Andy McGann took lessions from Coleman in his youth.

A Tribute To Michael Coleman

This album is simply a joy from beginning to end. As far as tempo goes, I play this sort of stuff to my students to show them you don’t have to breal any speed limits to sound brilliant. There are lessons a-plenty in this music for everyone. First class!

On my copy (Shaskeen OS-360) the track listed here as ‘Clogger’s Quilt’ is actually down as ‘Kathleen’s Fiddle’.

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Just proper music

A simply fantastic LP. I love each of these player’s in their own right. This is just a sweet album played right from the soul with no fancy pants sh!te added.

Love the Lads of Laoise/First Month of Summer set which I’ve been playing in recent months.

A Tribute to Michael Coleman

One of the greatest ever recordings of ITM. They don’t play at a fast tempo, but there is a mighty lift in their music. Pure listening joy from start to finish. Rest in peace Andy & Felix & long life to you Joe Burke.