The Long Grazing Acre

By Paddy Keenan & Tommy O’Sullivan

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Long Grazing Acre

Great new album by Paddy Keenan; i got it from, after reading Zina’s review in the Celtic Cafe (there you go, 3 shameless plugs in one sentence!).

P.K. plays the uillean pipes mostly as a solo instrument, by which i mean that there isn’t a lot of droning or regulatoring, mostly plain, beautiful melody. He also does a great job on the low whistles.

The liner notes are great, the accompanyment is unobtrusive, and everything sounds great.

The Long Grazing Acre - Track 12

What are those last two tunes? They’re listed as jigs, Kitty O’Neil’s and the Kerry Jig. But they’re not jigs. (Unless the counting bit of my brain finally melted). Anybody know?
The second one is a really rocking tune…

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No idea, but if these are jigs, they’re peculiar jigs. I wonder if they got mis-labeled. O’Neil’s (who else) has a Kitty O’Neil’s reel, but it’s another melody. JC tune finder has a Kerry Jig (in 6/8), but it didn’t sound likely to me, to be the source for the reel in that track.

So i guess we’ll have to ask Zina to asd Paddy next time she interviews him.


Kitty O’Neill’s is also known in some quarters as Kitty O’Shea’s Champion Jig.

Interestingly it turns up as two parts of a multi-part hornpipe called The Smoky Chimney on Gerry Harrington, Paul de Grae and Eoghan O’Sullivan’s recording of the same name.

I play it as a hornpipe to follow either Madame Bonaparte or The Cuckoo’s Nest.

The Kerry Jig is a single jig (i.e. 12/8) which Paddy has often played in conjunction with that other classic single jig, The Ballintore Fancy. However I have also seen both descibed as slow reels. So there you go!

Wow, the 12/8 would explain why it sounds like a hornpipe (4/4 in triplets). Thanks for the info!

I can’t count it in threes…

how ever hard I try! The second tune - both parts seems to consist of 4 bars of 4 beats each, to me. I’ve tried to find shorter or longer counts of 3 somewhere, to no avail. Am I going barmy?
Somebody explain it to a simpleton…

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123 223 323 423

Zina, thanks - I went straight away and played the CD - but it goes ‘1234 2234 3234 4234’ to me. Although I can’t say that fast enough, but you know what I mean - it still sounds like bunches of 4s to me. Can you actually listen to that last track on the CD and count 3s, I mean, did you actually do it?

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whoops, forgot to give my last post a title, that won’t help! 🙂

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Kevin Burke has explained that the hornpipe known as Kitty O’Sheas Championship Jig or Kitty O’Neills was so named because the woman, Kittly O’Shea, was a music hall dancer known for her jigging, the tune was never a jig, however, but a hornpipe.

Bill, you may have just saved my sanity. You wouldn’t believe how hard I’ve tried to find 3s in that tune, since everybody insisted they were there. I’m sticking to your theory from now on. 🙂

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D’you know, I’d forgotten all about this, Helen – sorry about that. Okay, take a look at Is that the right tune?

Because if it is, the gif will clearly demonstrate how the tune can be counted in 12/8 – look especially at the measures where it’s nothing but 4 triplets. 123 223 323 423. You can’t hear it easily on Paddy’s cd because he’s playing it very very fast…you’d be hard pressed to get those triplets on each beat without slowing it down a *lot.*

Does that help? Or still as clear as mud?



So instead of the way it’s written there: for example:

cA ce fg a2 | (3agf (3gfe (3fed (3edc |

We might write

c2A c2e f2g a3 | (3agf (3gfe (3fed (3edc |

And count everything in 3s, accounting for the hornpipe’s swing.

Deep! 🙂

Ooops! I goofed the ABCs a little.
Try this (added a couple headers so the ABCs are legit), so you can paste these into

T:the old way
cA ce fg a2 | (3agf (3gfe (3fed (3edc |

T:Zina’s way
R:single jig
c2A c2e f2g a3 | agf gfe fed edc |

Clare Jig?

Doesn’t this sound a wee bit like Jimmy Ward’s Jig? If you click on the link, you get Gallagher’s Frolics instead.


Does anybody have a transcription of Jutland, composed by Tommy?!

Bonus Tracks

I have two extra tracks listed on my copy :-
13 Reels: Collier’s, The Woman of the House
14 Hornpipes: Dinny O’Briens, The Garden of Daisies, The Cork Hornpipe

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