Pluckin’ Mad

By Angelina Carberry

  1. Noel Strange’s
    Kevin Carberry’s
    Peter Carberry’s
  2. Paddy Cronin’s (Father Dollard’s)
    The Boys Of Ballycastle
    Step It Out Joe
  3. Aodhán Moynihan’s
    Dún Sain Aichir Reels
  4. The Limerick Tinker
    The Maiden That Jigged It In Style
  5. Pluckin’ Mad!
  6. Cath Cheim An Fhia
    Camp Chase
    The Wearied Lad
  7. By Heck
  8. Caisleán An Oir
    Martin Mulvihill’s
  9. Dark Corners
    Gaffney’s Favourite Son
    Paddy In London
  10. Finbarr Dwyer’s
    The High Hill
    Dan Cronin’s
  11. Jackson’s Rum Punch
    The Coming Of Spring
  12. Miss MacDonald
    Lord Gordon’s
  13. Down The Hill
    Bonnie Prince Charlie
    Paddy Ryan’s Dream
  14. The Coalyard
    The Post Office
    The Pope’s Visit

Three comments

Pluckin’ Mad

Great record, as usual from Angelina.

Finbarr Dwyer’s

I think the tune Angelina plays here is a variation of “Penny Candle,” a Paddy O’Brien tune.

Track #1, 2nd reel…..

…. is a version of “The Golden Keyboard”.

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