By The Fureys And Davey Arthur

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  1. Clare To Here
  2. Gipsey Davey
    The Old Bush
  3. Drowsy Sleeper
  4. The Lonesome Boatman
  5. Tamalinn
    Prince Of Pipers
  6. Emigrant
  7. Ask Me Father
    Finbarr Dwyer’s
    The Oak Tree
    The Steampacket
  8. Heart’s Lament
  9. The Princess Royal
  10. O’Carolan’s Tribute
  11. Gallagher’s Frolics
    Paddy O’Rafferty
    The Box And Chanter
  12. She Came To Me

Three comments

Emigrant - the Furey Brothers and Davey Arthur

I’ve always had a lot of time for the Fureys and Davey Arthur, since we had some great weekends with them in the late 1970s at the Thurso Folk Festivals. They were a huge inspiration and encouragement to myself and some other learners from Blairgowrie, several of whom went on to become professional musicians.
This is perhaps the last of their recordings to include a significant traditional element to their repertoire. I certainly still have a tape recording of them playing several of these tracks live as guests on the late John Peel’s night radio programme. I think that soon after this they had their international hit with “When You Were Sweet Sixteen”, and after that, their musical direction changed significantly.
Some great music on this recording, and you can get it on “iTunes”. I don’t think it ever was released as a CD.