The Rolling Wave

By Cian

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Great Lively Sound

Brian Duke (flute)
Padraig Rynne (concertina)
Tim Murray (guitars/keyboards)
Margaret Maloney (guest vocalist)

A must hear album for any concertina players, the crisp rolls that Padraig Rynne achieves are something else!

The overall sound of the tunes is executed brilliantly and has a slick polished feel. The slow reels (tracks 2 and 8) surprised me - I generally find that slow reels are soporific - not these ones.

I’m not enamoured by the songs - though I never listen to albums for the songs anyway. However, with a resident singer and well thought out accompaniments, this band could easily be the next Dervish.

We could split "Seamus O’Shanaghans"…

Hi, we could split the "Seamus O’Shanaghans" in tow : first the jig - second the reel. Regards.

The sound of concertina + flute on this album is indeed a delight !


Just heard this for the first time today. Blew me away. I notice that Padraig Rynne has started to do the whole thing of putting the right and left side of the concertina in different stereo positions a la Micheal O’Raghallaigh etc so that he can be playing both sides of Brian Duke in your headset. I can understand why he did this and see why it was tempting to aim for that sound in the overall mix, because it can create a feeling of depth and space, and make it seem like there’s more going on with the concertina than there actually is (it sounds like there’s 3 melody instruments at times), but there was no need for it, I think. There’s enough going on with PR’s playing, whichever way you look at it. He should make it speak for itself without altering what you would hear if you were listening to him play wihout mics. I prefer the "natural look" of 2 musicians side by side in my headphones.

That said it still makes me wish I could play like that… 🙂

Which Martin Wynne’s is the one listed on this album? I’ve listened to all of the 4 I can find and can’t match ‘em! :S

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"Martin Wynne’s" is Tom Ward’s Downfall.

Does anyone have the Gan Ainm from the last track?

Thanks KJ!

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I’ve realised the Gan Ainm from the last track sounds a bit like the Trip to Cullenstown. It could be Padraig Rynne’s version.


There’s a lady in the North of Ireland who has a seemingly inexhaustable supply of this particular CD, and sells them at a starting price of £1.99, inclusive of postage. I ve bought many and given them away to musicians for about a year now, and they are still being put up for sale. Best deal on eBay - she sells under the name "eva2eva". Do yourself a favour, and go help her out.
She also has "Cian’s" "Three Shouts" at the same price.
There’s a third CD too, "Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore", but it’s a 3-track CD single, and not such a good deal.

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Re: The Rolling Wave

Link corrections :

Track #2 - “Josie McDermott’s” is “Darby’s Farewell To London”

Track #4 - “Paddy O’Brien’s” I know as “Gorman’s”, as recorded by “The Bothy Band”

Track # 7 - “Seamus O’Shanaghan’s” – is 2 tunes, the jig recorded by “Altan”, followed by an un-named reel
according to the reverse sleeve, but the inside sleeve notes give it a name, “B B Per Sempre”, a
composition by Brian Dukes. I’ve added that name to the list.

Track # 8 – “Martin Hayes’” – is “The Whistler Of Rosslea”, a composition of Ed Reavy. Martin recorded it on
his self-titled CD.

Track # 12 – “The Humours Of Ballyconnell” links to the reel, but it’s the hornpipe of the same name.

The “Matt Peoples’” link – with a 50/50 chance – goes to the wrong one. It’s this :

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