The Crooked Path

By Phil Elsworthy and Ed Koenig

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Three comments

This is quite a lovely album of music. The tune arrangements are beautiful and exciting.
I would recommend this for any fiddler, guitarist or mandolinist. The music isn’t too fastly played but is at a nice even pace.

Agreed, TheBlindBard!

My first Irish trad sessions took place in Phil’s kitchen (seems so long ago now). He was always kind and patient with beginners and an amazing musician. I love how he and Ed play with such a fluid ease--a good pace to learn from, for sure. Highly recommended addition to any Irish trad music collection 🙂

I’ve actually been learning the version of “The Ren” on the album. The nice relaxed pace is for sure a plus when trying to learn tunes. I think I might be able to pick up Love at the Endings, which is a tune I’ve wanted to learn for a while.