Toward the Sun

By Brian Finnegan and William Coulter

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Any informations?? Where can we hear it??

If you are in North America, then email William via the website above. Be patient, because he can’t send CDs out when he is on tour. If you are the UK , message me, because I currently have two spare new copies to sell at cost price.


Purely out of curiousity, what is "cost price" for a CD with 6 tracks on it ?

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Kenny, your curiousity may indeed be pure, or it may not, I can’t be sure. If you look at the prices for which the CD is for sale on Az and ebay and deduct their respective fees, you will then know the actual cost to buy and import them. The number of tracks on a CD is not a factor in the cost of shipping it from the US. I have one left now.

Forget it……………..

I thought it was a simple question, which might get a simple answer, especially if you’re trying to sell the CD, but apparently I was wrong, so I’ll pass on this one.
The number of tracks on a CD in relation to the price is certainly a factor on whether or not I decide to buy it.
Best of luck with your sale.

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£14.49 + £1 P&P.

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No worries Kenny, you made it plain from the outset that you had no interest in this album, since your question was "purely out of curiousity". Best wishes for your enjoyment of CDs with 7, 8, 9 or even more tracks.

Toward the Sun

Did Tubular Bells have one track or two?

William and Brian can certainly play, and there should be lots of interest in this CD. Brian plays a little fast for me, but my admiration for him is immense. Best of luck with the CD.

Kenny - it’s ridiculous that you’re not working on a Kenny Hadden CD. Why not? Do it. Now.

Here here Nigel! Why not Kenny?

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My spare copies of this CD are now gone …