The Last Bell

By Alan Kelly Gang

  1. The Millhouse
    The Ballinafad Fancy
    Lady Gordon’s
  2. Music Makers
  3. Tame Her When Da Snaw Comes
    The Widow’s Daughter
    Michael Rankin’s
  4. January Gales
  5. The Moth & The Exorcist
    Up Sligo
  6. After The Last Bell Rings
  7. The Copycat
    Low Flying Polo
    The Humours Of Braade
  8. The Poorest Company
  9. The New Line To Loughaun
    Jack Coughlan’s
    The Old Time Wedding
  10. Shetland Sky
    Mollard’s Gavotte
  11. The Sleeping Policeman
  12. Frankie Drains
    Major Moran’s
    The Ballybranaghan Stomp

Ten comments

“Stalwarts of contemporary trad, the Alan Kelly Gang are a creative force all about tasteful arrangements, groove, energy and musicality of the highest order. Their superb new album, The Last Bell, which has been over a year in the making, is an uplifting, pristine collection of original and traditional music that inspires a feeling of joie de vivre throughout. 12 tracks – 8 instrumentals and 4 songs.”

-- Alan Kelly (piano accordion)
-- Steph Geremia (flute, lead vocals, whistle & soprano sax)
-- Alasdair White (fiddle)
-- Tony Byrne (guitar)
-- Manus Lunny (bouzouki, guitar, harmony vocals & additional programming)

Afraid I don’t have a track listing for this one to separate out the tunes. Can someone help?

BBC iPlayer

“The Allan Kelly Gang” were featured on BBC Radio Scotland’s “Travelling Folk” programme last night, playing a live set from the “Celtic Connections” festival currently taking place in Glasgow. They played some tracks from this CD, which I think you’d be able to listen to through the BBC “iPlayer” for the next 7 days. It was a good set, which suggests that the CD would be well worth a purchase.

I know, I was there watching it live!

So what did you think ?

Loved it! Whilst I was there originally for Breabach, I enjoyed it a lot!

Fixed up the individual tracks! This is a cracking album!

Track 10 : Hopvotte

In the liner notes, the first tune to be named is “Shetland Sky”. I wonder if this name corresponds to the first tune to be heard on this track, as the music is in 6 time, not in 9/8 (as the name of the set let it suppose)… The second tune to be heard, at 1:51, is a breton Ridée (dance on 6 beats) credited to Gilles Le Bigot, the great guitarist of, besides other bands, Skolvan. This tune appears second in a set called “Boules et guirlandes” in their “Swing and tears” album (1994) . It is certainly not a gavotte which in Brittany is a dance based on 8 beats (4/4). From 2:25 begins the gavotte. Between 3:15 and 3:43 is a sort of “interlude” (Shetland Sky ?), and 3:43 goes back to the Gilles Le Bigot’s ridée to the end.