The Lonesome Fiddler

By Éilís Crean

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Ok, I posted this beautiful recording, but it seemed to post before I could check the links and make sure they went to the correct tune! Is there a way I can go back in and link the titles to the correct dots? I’m sure all the Fahy titles aren’t connected with the right tunes!

That aside, this is a gorgeous collection of tunes, plainly and unpretentiously stated, played at tempos that allow their compositional beauty to come through. For that reason, it’s a fine ‘source’ recording to learn tune settings from as well.

Also featuring Dermot Byrne, John Doyle, Kevin Crawford and Kenny Malone.

Highly recommended.

Thank You

Dear Jason,
Thank you so very much for your kind words and support of my debut album ‘The Lonesome Fiddler’.

I am thrilled every time that I hear an appreciative word about the music of Eddie Kelly and the East Galway Irish Music Tradition. I am passionate about preserving this tradition and honoring Eddie’s heartfelt love and contribution to the traditional Irish music world.

Éilís Crean


I don’t know why it’s not showing up above right as with other recordings, but this can be purchased through “iTunes”. You can also download the accompanying booklet if you purchase the whole album.
Jason - if the links are wrong [ very common with Fahy tunes, as none of them have individual names ], then all you can do is provide the correct link under “comments”.


Heard this for the first time today. Lovely playing and a languid pace. Fantastic, I thought. The minute I got home I put it on and picked up the fiddle to play along. I was sure that this was going to help me to improve….. It didn’t happen. Everything is played in a different key than I am used to. Annoyed.
So annoyed I was suspicious that it was mastered at the wrong speed.


Great CD

Thanks to all who brought the CD to fruition. It is a lovely recording with an interview with Mr Kelly as the bonus last track. Very interesting texture and the keys add to the atmosphere. One that will repay much listening and playing along to. Thanks Eilis

I’ve been enjoying this one quite a bit.


anyone know another name for Dorey’s reel? In Dmin

Re: The Lonesome Fiddler

Well what can I say, I came across this album on Spotify by accident and it has become an instant favorite of mine, together with Breda Keville’s “The Hop Down”. Beautiful, sultry music, relaxed pace and a gorgeous, rich tone that are unfortunately hard to find in contemporary Irish music. The tunes are drenched in tradition and Éilís does a great job in keeping the old East Galway style alive. This is the real thing and I hope there’s more to come!


Re: The Lonesome Fiddler


No, the album was mastered at the correct speed, much of the album is played tuned down a full step to give the fiddle a more mournful tone (it is the *lonesome* fiddler, after all…).

Re: The Lonesome Fiddler

This is a phenomenal album.

Re: The Lonesome Fiddler

I always come back to this one.

Re: The Lonesome Fiddler

Eilis made a second CD too