The Cauld Wind

By Chris Stout and Finlay Macdonald

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  1. Loch MacLeod
  2. Borve Castle
    Tommy And Ronnie’s Double Tonic
    The Thin Man
  3. Mom’s
    Dull And Boring
  4. Fionn’s
  5. Dark Lo’ers The Night
    Border Crossing
  6. Algiers
    Gibbie’s Lasses
  7. Land Of Bens And Glens And Heroes

Two comments

The Cauld Wind - Music of the Pipes and Fiddle

Very nice recording by long-time musical sparring partners Chris Stout (fiddle) and Finlay Macdonald (pipes, low whistle). A mix of their own compositions (e.g. track 4 written by Finlay, just called Fionn’s in fact, but not the same tune as the one written by Charlie McKerron!) and composers such as Donald Macleod, Allan Macdonald and Gordon Duncan, amongst others. The opening track in particular is beautifully played.

List of composers

For information…

1. Donald Macleod
2. Donald Macleod/ Allan Macdonald/ Gordon Duncan
3. Jerry Holland/ Chris Stout
4. Finlay Macdonald
5. John Mackay/ Finlay Macdonald/ Jim Sutherland
6. Finlay Macdonald/ Chris Stout
7. Stuart D. Samson