Life Is All Checkered

By Nathan Gourley & Laura Feddersen

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Superb record

A truly excellent CD from two young US based fiddlers. Their control and pace is faultless, with the most beautiful swing in their music. This is likely to be one of the best Irish CDs of the year and I would strongly encourage everyone to buy a copy. The majority of the tracks are duo fiddle, with a delightfully subtle guitar backing from Brian Miller, interspersed with solo pieces. I have to be honest and say I did not know of these players but I will certainly look out for them in the future.

Great musicians

Hi Niall.
Discovered these guys last week via youtube and been sharing links to their tunes. Couldn’t agree more on the basis of what i’ve heard, just great. I did not know them either but, i’ll be buying there album!

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Re: Life Is All Checkered

My one issue with this album, and it’s comparatively minor: "Star Above the Garter" is a slide, not a jig, and should be played as such. But… darn, Nathan’s "Miss Patterson’s Slipper" is amazing!

Re: Life Is All Checkered

Saw these 2 live a few days ago near Boston. Great playing and they’ve got some really stellar tunes from a wide variety of sources. Well worth seeing if you have the chance.