Traditional Irish Tunes Played On The Tin Whistle (CD 1/2) / Ceolta Seisiún Na HÉireann - Irish Session Tunes: The Green Book (CD 1/2)

By Geraldine Cotter

  1. The Returned Yank
    Banish Misfortune
  2. Tom Friel’s
    Harry’s Loch
  3. Donnybrook Fair
    Gillan’s Apples
  4. The Hairpin Bend
    Dan The Cobbler
  5. The Burnt Old Man
    Down The Back Lane
  6. The Mug Of Brown Ale
    Molloy’s Favourite
  7. The Monaghan
  8. Do You Want Any More?
    The Idle Road
  9. The Shores Of Lough Gowna
    Ryan’s Favourite
  10. Langstron’s Pony
  11. The Boys Of The Town
    Austin Barrett’s
  12. The Old Grey Goose
  13. Petticoat Loose
    The Pipe On The Hob
  14. Hunting The Hare
    Open The Door
    I Have A Wife Of My Own
  15. The Humours Of Kilkenny
    Dever The Dancer
  16. Drops Of Spring Water
    An Phis Fliuch
  17. Will You Come Down To Limerick?
  18. The Sunny Banks
    The Drunk Landlady
    The London Lasses
  19. Tommy McMahon’s
    Down The Broom
  20. Miss Monaghan
    Lucky In Love
  21. In The Tap Room
    The Peeler’s Jacket
  22. The Flowers Of Limerick
    The Burren
  23. The Golden Keyboard
    The Galway Rambler
  24. The Kerry
    King Of The Clans
  25. The Shepherd’s Daughter
    The Dairymaid
  26. The Old Bush
    Ah, Surely
  27. Over The Moor To Maggie
  28. Lucy Campbell
  29. The Bank Of Ireland
  30. The Lolly Banger
    The Controversial
  31. The Dublin Lads
    The Holy Land
  32. Bell Harbour
    Blackberry Blossom
  33. Rover Through The Bog
    The Kingstown

Five comments

100 tunes in 2 CDs

This 2-disk set is the companion to Geraldine Cotter’s “Traditional Irish Tin Whistle Tutor”. I got it thinking it would be a good reference, and it is, but even more, Geraldine’s playing is always dead on, and very enjoyable. This is just naked whistle, no other instruments, which brings out the melody, phrasing, etc, where you can learn it right.

I wish my Generations whistle sounded this good. 🙂

Geraldine has put together a very nice collection of tunes to go along with her ….Tin Whistle Tutor.“ There are some obscure jems here to go along with the more well known tunes. The settings are whistle/flute friendly which means if your looking to gain insight into where to breathe and how to breathe musically there is plenty to glean. She includes more airs than the usual two or three found in these type of collections and her recorded demonstrations of them is indeed worthy of study. I personally would not recomend the ”tutor“ to a beginner to learn from although many of her remarks about playing trad music are dead on and quotable. The ”tutor" includes transcriptions for the 100 tunes which are worth having if you compile/collect that sort of thing.


Track number 6 is lists Malloy’s (jig). This tune is more commonly known as “Contentment is Wealth.”


“Ceolta Seisiún Na HÉireann - Irish Session Tunes: The Green Book”

Ossian OMB363

Also released as this publication, with 2 CDs, this being the first of those two recordings…