Make a Note

By Colin Farrell

  1. The Moving Note
    Settler’s Corner
    The Bridge Of Finea
  2. Peddler’s Lake
    Madam’s Hill
    Faithlinn Island
  3. The Cloonloo
    Perfect Johnny
    Charlie Madden’s
  4. Mabel Bridge
    The Leeland Archer
  5. The Shores Of Crover
    The Black Sheep
    The Five Fingers
    The Hills Of Granard
  6. The Mangerton Suite
  7. The Lower Lake
    Frank Harten’s
    Headford Junction
  8. The Three Fragments
    The Happy Shadow
    The Snappy Bassett
  9. A Up
    Easy Does It
  10. Heidi’s Eyes
    The Mighty Miss Molly
    Sophie’s Smile
  11. Lady Lavery’s
    The Friar’s Glen
    The Oldcastle Lass

Five comments

Colin was born in Manchester and spent a lot of his early years in that vibrant city.
His was a very musical family with brothers and sisters all involved in traditional music, winning lots of All-Britain and All-Ireland titles over the years.
He has performed and recorded with an array of bands and artists including The Liam O’Connor band, Lúnasa, Karen Casey, The Elders, Julie Fowlis and The Michael McGoldrick Band.
Add in his work with shows like Spirit of Ireland, Dance of Desire and Magical Rhythms of Ireland and his work as a composer and you start to see the range of influences that feed into his music.
Purchase and Listen :

Amazing, didn’t realise there was another one!

Liner notes

Added the rest of the tune names; all tunes composed by Colin Farrell.

Guest musicians include:
Mike Galvin - Guitar/Bass/Drums/Keys
Kevin Crawford - TinWhistle (Track 1) Flute (Track 7)
Tony O’Flaherty - Piano (Track 6)
Damien Mullane - Button Accordion (Tracks 3,7)
Trevor Hutchinson - Bass (Tracks 1,3,5,6,7)
Jimmy Higgins - Bodhran/Percussion (Tracks 1,7,9,10,11)- Recorded by Sean Horsman
Jonny Hulme - 5 String Banjo (Tracks 2,5,7,8,10) Recorded by John Loomes (Talking Cat Recordings)
Shane Farrell - Banjo & Mandolin (Tracks 8,9,11)
Adele Farrell - Button Accordion (Track 11) - Recorded by Michael McGoldrick
John Joe Kelly - Bodhran & Percussion (Tracks 2,3,4,5,8) - Recorded by Michael McGoldrick
Michael McGoldrick - Flute/Whistle (Track 5)
Alan Doherty - Flute (Track 10)
Joseph Patrick Moore - Bass (Track 10)
Declan Masterson - Piano (Track 10)
Damien McCarthy - Guitar (Track 10)
Robbie Walsh - Bodhran (Track 9)

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Thanks bdh! I bought it through iTunes and didn’t had all the informations.. This is indeed a great recording, and I’m in love with 2 particulary tunes that I learned by ear, the madam’s hill set (C whistle) and The Mangerton Suite (low F)!

Re: Make a Note

has anybody transcribed any of these wonderful tunes? please and thank you