New Anything

By Leveret

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  1. Bagpipers
  2. Gallons Of Cognac
  3. Northern Lass
    The Kings’ Barrows
  4. Jenny Pluck Pears
  5. It’s A Square World
    Cossack Square
  6. Sylvia’s Serenade
    Blew Bell
  7. Milford
  8. New Anything
    St Catherine
  9. Glorishears
    Foul Weather Call
  10. Upon A Summer’s Day
    Abbots Bromley Horn Dance
  11. Whitefriar’s

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Andy Cutting ~ diatonic button accordion
Sam Sweeney ~ fiddle, viola
Rob Harbron ~ English concertina

English trad trio. The term "Leveret" (pronounced ˈlɛv(ə)rɪt) refers to a young hare in its first year.

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Went to a concert at Sheffield University the other night. Excellent CD. I like the way they take a tune and elaborate and harmonise without music sheets . They are all great musicians and attuned to each other.

Re: New Anything

Fanatastic record