The Widening Gyre

By Altan

  1. Maggie’s Pancakes
    Píobaire An Chéide
    The Friel Deal
  2. No Ash Will Burn
  3. Buffalo Gals
    Leather Britches
  4. Má Théann Tú ‘un Aonaigh
  5. A Tune For Mairéad And Anna
  6. White Birds
  7. The Tin Key
    Sam Kelly’s
    The Gravediggers
  8. Cúirt Robin Finley
  9. The House Carpenter (Gypsy Davy)
  10. Samhradh
    Aniar Aduaidh
    The Donegal
  11. Lurgy Streams
  12. The Triple T
  13. Far Beyond Carrickfinn
  14. The Road Home

Five comments

"The Donegal Jig"

Third tune in Set 10 is not the Donegal Reel as linked above but "The Donegal Jig" composed by Martin Tourish.

Gypsy Davy

Does anyone have the lyrics to this version of Gyspy Davy? Or know the name of the tune they pair it with?

Gypsy Davy

Thank you!