The Rest is History…

By The Moylurg Céilí Band

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Moylurg Céilí Band:
Fiddles: Ronan Greene, Enda McGreevy, Shane Meehan
Flutes: Lorraine Sweeney, Aidan Shannon, Mick Mulvey
Accordion: Brian Mostyn
Concertina: Breda Shannon
Piano: Mick Blake
Drums: Damien McGuinness

The first polka in Track 6 is actually this one:

One of the alternate titles for Farewell to Whiskey is My Love is But a Lassie.

Also, note that the album has a 16th track, which is a bit of speaking with some music in the background. It is the announcement of the 2013 winner of the All-Ireland Ceili Band title.

Title link corrections and/or composers

2.2 Clancy’s dream, aka. Up Leitrim (Traditional) see also
3 The Moylurg march (Shane Meehan)
4 School days over (Ewan MacColl)
5.1 Killary Harbour (Shane Meehan)
5.2 The trip to Cootehall (Shane Meehan)
5.3 Dwyer’s inspiration (Shane Meehan)
6.1 My love is but a lassie, aka. Niel Gow’s farewell to whisky (Niel Gow) see also
7.1 Lough Key (Sean Ryan)
7.2 The fly by night hornpipe, aka. Arthur’s Seat (James Scott Skinner) see also
8 County Down (Tommy Sands)
10.1 Brid óg Ni Mháile (Traditional) see also and
12 Leitrim (a brief history) (Mick Blake)
16 Fleadh cheoil award announcement, 2013