Cape Breton Violins

By Various Artists

  1. Our Highland Queen
    Speed The Plough
  2. Glengarry’s Dirk
    The Bonnie Lass Of Fisherrow
    The Bird’s Nest
  3. Don Side
    Lady Georgina Campbell
  4. Dr. Shaw’s
    The Breem Dog
    Sandy Skinner
  5. Dusky Meadow
    Sandy Cameron
  6. The Balkan Hills
    The Lassies Of Campbell Street
  7. The Way To Judique
  8. Miss MacLean Of Inverscadle
    The Flaggon
    Miss Charters
  9. There Came A Young Man To My Daddy’s Door
    Hills Of Glenorchy
  10. The Hurdle Race
    Angus Campbell
  11. The Munster Lass
    Light And Airy
  12. John Of Badenyon
    Hamish The Carpenter
    Put Me In The Big Chest

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Track 1: Little Jack MacDonald
Track 2: Angus Chisholm
Track 3: Angus Allan Gillis
Track 4: Bill Lamey
Track 5: Bill Lamey & Joe MacLean
Track 6: Dan R. MacDonald
Track 7: Winston (Scotty) Fitzgerald and Radio Entertainers
Track 8: Donald MacLellan
Track 9: The MacLellan Trio
Track 10: Jimmie MacLellan
Track 11: Angus Chisholm
Track 12: Angus Allan Gillis & Dan J. Campbell