The Pride Of Fermanagh

By Kevin Loughlin

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Kevin Loughlin

Following on from a recent discussion, this Outlet label recording from the 1970s [?] is now available to be downloaded through iTunes - £3.99 for the whole album.
I’ve posted the titles almost* verbatim from the iTunes track list - [ * the “Skylark” is listed as “The Skyland” for instance ] - but some of the titles are unusual, to say the least. I’ll post “correct” links here later.
An album of good, old-style accordion playing, on a 3-row accordion, rather than the more popular 2-row.

Re: The Pride Of Fermanagh

Picked this up on vinyl in Charity shop for £1 in Jedburgh Scottish Borders what a bargain and wonderful record…Outlet yet again rapidly becoming a favourite go to label for trad music.