Irish Traditional Music From Belleek

By Kevin Loughlin, John Gordon and Mairead McCann

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  1. Killanan’s Fancy
    Coleman’s Cross
  2. The Bellharbour
    The Plough And The Stars
  3. Charlie Mulvihill’s
    The Home Ruler
  4. The Ironing Board
    Gerry Cronin’s
  5. The Thrush In The Bush
    The Rocking Chair
  6. The Cavan
    The Crib Of Perches
  7. The Shoemaker’s Daughter
  8. Maud Miller
    Farewell To Leitrim
  9. Fahy’s
    The Kerry
  10. The Moving Cloud
    The Music In The Glen
  11. The Stage
  12. Trim The Velvet
    The King Of The Clans

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Kevin Loughlin, John Gordon and Mairead McCann

Uniquely, I’m posting this recording here without having ever heard it. This LP record - by 3-row accordion player Kevin Loughlin, fiddler John Gordon and piano-player Mairead McCann - was apparently released in 1980 on the now-defunct Belfast “Outlet” label. It came up for sale on eBay 2 weeks ago, and although I bid on it, I didn’t get it.
If anyone out there has it, I would love to hear it, if that could be arranged at all. Here’s hoping. 🙂

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This LP is one of my all-time favourites, I’m hoping one day it will be re-issued on CD. Kevin plays a three row B/C/C# , a superb musician, although in this clip I think he’s playing C#/D/D#:

The fiddler on this LP is John Gordon(RIP) and hearing him play it’s not hard to work out why he was so highly regarded. Totally in control all the way through. The piano player is Maíread McCann, she seems to have the perfect chord for every phrase, and is playing an acoustic piano so the tone is great. As good a piano as I ever heard in Irish music. A simply wonderful recording of not only 3 great musicians, but of one truly great trio.