The Foxford Way

By Stephen Doherty & Patrick Doocey

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  1. The Mossy Banks
    Raven’s Rock
  2. The Ships In Full Sail
    Health To The Ladies
  3. The Hut On Staffin Island
    Christmas Eve
  4. Clog
  5. Fionn Malla
  6. Munster Buttermilk
    The Greenfields Of Woodford
  7. The Stack Of Oats
    Eddie Duffy’s
  8. Humours Of Lissadell
    The Graf Spee
  9. Joe Bane’s
    S’iomadh Rud A Chunnaic Mi
  10. One That Was Lost
    The Mug Of Brown Ale
  11. The Pure Drop
    Johnny Henry’s

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Is this flute-player Stephen Doherty ?

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Sorry, I didn’t have chance to leave a comment yesterday. Yep, it’s Stephen Doherty (Mayo) on Flute, Whistle and Box, with Patrick Doocey on Guitar.

I got this album a few days ago and was surprised it wasn’t on here already. I’ve had it on repeat for the past 4 days, it’s great.

There doesn’t seem to be much written about it anywhere, but it’s available direct from his own website:

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Thanks for that, Tom, and for the link - I’ve just gone and bought the CD from Stephen’s own site. I heard Stephen at the Ballyvourney "Flute Gathering" last year, when he did a guest solo "recital". He mentioned that he was in the process of recording a CD, so I’m looking forward to getting it.

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