The Foxford Way

By Stephen Doherty & Patrick Doocey

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Is this flute-player Stephen Doherty ?

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Sorry, I didn’t have chance to leave a comment yesterday. Yep, it’s Stephen Doherty (Mayo) on Flute, Whistle and Box, with Patrick Doocey on Guitar.

I got this album a few days ago and was surprised it wasn’t on here already. I’ve had it on repeat for the past 4 days, it’s great.

There doesn’t seem to be much written about it anywhere, but it’s available direct from his own website:

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Thanks for that, Tom, and for the link - I’ve just gone and bought the CD from Stephen’s own site. I heard Stephen at the Ballyvourney "Flute Gathering" last year, when he did a guest solo "recital". He mentioned that he was in the process of recording a CD, so I’m looking forward to getting it.

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