Call Of The Wild

By Wild Asparagus

  1. The Congress
    The Fisherman’s Island
    The Return To Milltown
  2. Sean Ryan’s
    Tony Rowe’s
    The Castledown Connors
    The Gold Stud
  3. Sunday River
  4. Lad O’Beirne’s
    Tommy Cohen’s
  5. Skidoo
  6. Cuil Aodh
    I Don’t Know Why
    Wissahickon Drive
  7. Camel Hump
    Sam Bartlett’s
    Camel Hump
  8. Rhinoceros For Sue
  9. The Shaskeen
  10. The Shaskeen
    The Concert
    John Stenson’s #2
  11. When We’re Gone, Long Gone
  12. Fahey’s
    The Woman Of The House
    Sligo Creek

One comment


This is the Fahey’s on the last track.

I know Wild Asparagus isn’t straight trad, often jazzy & harmonized, but despite this, I love this CD. Highly recommend.