By Haddo

  1. Ampleforth
  2. Two Williams
  3. Midama
  4. Two Sisters
  5. Old Tom Of Oxford
  6. Earl Of Newman
  7. Farley Bridge
  8. Will Ye No Come Back Again
  9. Halsway Carol
  10. Orange In Bloom
  11. Frank’s
  12. Spootiskerry

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Will Pound, BBC Folk Award Musician of the Year, picks up the melodeon for the second album from Haddo, his duo with wife Nicky who plays viola and fiddle. Borderlands is a celebration of English and Scottish traditional folk, something that is in the blood for them, Nicky is originally from Aberdeen and Will from Warwickshire.

So we get jigs from Scotland and Morris tunes from oxford, fresh takes on trad tunes and reworkings of contemporary classics along with a fresh set of originals from the duo. One of the most appealing originals is ‘Midama’, Nicky’s tune written to celebrate the purchase of the Pound’s narrowboat that plies the Oxfordshire canals.

Perhaps with the impending vote in Scotland on independence ‘Borderlands’ is suddenly something of a confrontational title. Unlike nationalism however music has no borders, what you hear here is a deep bond between two musicians, a husband and wife and an interplay of two strands of the same musical tradition that stretches from Shetland to the Scilly Isles.

Iain Hazlewood

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