The Breakdown

By Lyle Ramshaw, Susan Worland Bentley, and Michael Bentley

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  1. Lady Nellie Wemyss
    On Wi’ The Tartan
    The Skyeman’s
  2. The MacAuleys Of Benbecula
    Kingussie Shinty Club
    Lord Seaforth
  3. Angus MacKinnon’s
    Mrs. Imbrie’s Feast
    Ms. Kurnick’s
  4. Miss Admiral Gordon
    Highland Harry
    Mr. Gordon Of Hallhead
    Lady Gwyder
  5. Shiftin’ Bobbins
    Little Judique
    Apples In Winter
    She’s Too Fat For Me
  6. Out In The Ocean
    Saint Lawrence
    Steamboat Quickstep
  7. Lovat Scouts
    Girl I Left Behind Me
  8. Diane Kathleen
    The White Picket Fence
    Miss Jessie Heron Of Skye
  9. The Weaver And His Wife
    Kitty Magee
    Connecticut March
    Donegal March
  10. The Breakdown
    Culloden’s Fancy
    The Tank
    Saturday Night Breakdown
  11. Tulloch Gorm
    Neil Gow’s Second Wife
    Craigellachie Bridge
  12. Miss Catherine Stewart, Pettyvaich
    Miss Isabella Robertson’s
    Miss Dalrymple
    John Taylor’s Pyjamas
  13. Stuart’s Rant
    Jenny Dang The Weaver
    Colonel Rodney

One comment

Geared toward SCD, but…

While this album is geared toward Scottish Country Dance, I thought it would be nice to link into the yellow board due to the presence of some atypical instruments for SCD, like whistle and bodhran. The dances are:
1: Lady Wynd
2: Culla Bay
3: Angus MacKinnon’s Hornpipe
4: Strathspey set (suitable for Bedrule)
5: Shiftin’ Bobbins
6: Jig set (suitable for Pelorus Jack)
7: Rob Roy
8. Sea Tangle of Skye
9. Luckenbooth Brooch
10. The Breakdown
11. Tulloch Gorm
12. Follow Me Home
13. General Stuart’s Reel