The Crooked Mountain Road

By Chris Corrigan

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  1. Kid On The Mountain
    Polka Gan Ainm
  2. Tell Me This
    Tell Me No More
  3. True Love Hath My Heart
    The Chapel Steps
  4. Kvarnbergshalling
  5. Terhi And Juho’s Wedding
    Broadhaven Sands
  6. The Nip Is Upon Me
    Little Blue
  7. The Lost Compass
    Queen Of The Castle
  8. The Humours Of Happenstance
    An DTuigeann Tú
  9. Easy
    Hare’s Paw

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Crooked Mountain Road

Chris Corrigan ~ fiddle, harmonium
Andrew Holdsworth ~ piano, electric guitar, bass
Ivan Goff ~ uilleann pipes, flute
Úna Monaghan ~ concertina
Gearóid O’Duinnín ~ guitar
Pedro Rebelo ~ electronics
Franziska Schroeder ~ soprano saxophone
Paul Stapleton ~ modular sound sculpture
Paul Wilson ~ trombone
Steve Davis ~ drums

The album is a collection of Chris’ new compositions in addition to traditional Irish tunes and more recent compositions from Scandinavia. As with his debut, ‘The Crooked Mountain Road’ was recorded at the Sonic Arts Research Centre at Queen’s University Belfast where Chris is based as the Technical Manager of the School of Creative Arts.

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