Music From A Little Known Planet

By Wild Asparagus

  1. Prince Charlie
    Walker Street
  2. Enrichezvous
  3. Dun Fudgin
    Two Part Invention #4 In D Minor
    Laurie On A Tofu Bucket
    The Ice On The Pond
  4. Hewlett
    Willa Fiord
  5. Pays De Haute
    President Garfield’s
  6. The Cat In The Hopper
    Burt Furguson
    The Trip To Windsor
  7. Forvantan
  8. The Blue Mt. Rag
    Paddy On The Turnpike
    Hoodoo Hoedown

One comment

New England contra dance band located in Greenfield Ma. They play a lot of Irish music in their sets. Lots of energy. See them live. George Marshall plays concertina; David Cantieni plays flute and other wind blown instruments. Ann Percival plays piano. Also appearing on this recording is Van Kaynor on Fiddle. Recorded mid 80’s.