Manannan’s Cloak

By Barrule

  1. Fathaby
    Ta Dick Veg
    Garey Ford
    Moghrey Laa Boaldyn
    Smuggler’s Lullaby
  2. The King Of The Sea
  3. Kinnoull
  4. Carval Ny Drogh Vraane
    Yn Ven-Ainshter Dewil
  5. Illiam Y Thalhear
  6. Fir-Hammag Yioogh
  7. Graih Foalsey
  8. Betsy Baker’s
    The Wind That Shook The Barley
    From Dingle With Love
  9. Illiam Boght
  10. Carol Was Saying…
    Alex Salmond’s
    The Answerer
    Slaa Sahll Er Toinn Muck Roauyr
    The Constant Whistler

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I will put the tune names up as soon as I have my copy of the album.