At The Stringsmith’s Forge

By Skyhook

  1. Calum Breugach
    Miller Of Drone
    Snowing Up The Hill
  2. Caber Feidh
    Mutt’s Favourite
    Miss E. MacLeod
  3. Bonny Light Horseman
  4. Mr. & Mrs. Accordionator
    One Brown Trout
  5. Taylor Ryan
  6. Bothy
    Bothy Birthday
  7. New Year’s Day
    Fr. Eugene’s Welcome To Cape North
    Mr. Lobster
  8. Roseville Fair
    Kissing Is The Best Of A’
  9. In Memory Of Jerry
    Highlands Of Banffshire
    Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
  10. Phil’s
    Dutchman’s Frolics
    Tom’s Thumb
  11. Turtle And The Asp
  12. Eyre On A C String
    Lady Gordon Of Gordonstown
    Archie Menzies

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"At the stringsmith’s forge"

"At the stringsmith’s forge" was recorded by Andy Seward at Wavelength Studios and was released in June 2014. There are 12 tracks, totalling approximately 51 minutes, featuring our live arrangements with the occasional appearances of Andy Seward playing double bass, Ciarán Boyle playing bodhran and Sue Cain on backing vocals.

Some sets on Soundcloud here: