Crossing the Liffey

By Ladlane

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  1. The Hungry Rock
    The Mouse In The Mug
    Paddy Fahey’s
    Carl Hession’s
  2. M & M
    Lady Montgomery
    Jim Coleman’s
    The Jolly Tinker
  3. Set You Free
  4. Johnny Doherty’s March
    The Sunny Banks
  5. Slip Jigs And Reels
  6. A Costa De Galicia
    Páidín Ó Raifeartaigh
  7. Brennan On The Moor
  8. The H Note
    An Choisir
    Micho Russell’s
  9. The Broken Pledge
    Crossing The Shannon
    Gan Ainm
  10. Farewell To The Gold
  11. The Humours Of Westport
    The Beauty Spot
    Mrs Crehan’s
    Matt People’s